What is Digital Finance?

Why am I even here?” Have you ever found yourself asking this question while pursuing your finance career? Perhaps you envisioned a rewarding job in accounting or finance but instead frequently experience existential career crises as you try to make it through another day of tedious tasks typically in excel. Or maybe the reason you are here is not that severe and you just want to advance your career or learn something new. You might have heard about Digital Finance, but do not know really what it means or how it applies to your career.

So first what is Digital Finance? Digital Finance is utilizing tools that are available to take the monotonous and repetitive work out of your daily activities so you can focus on the activities that add value to the company. Digital Finance is also taking all the data and deriving supportable and actionable insights, and presenting the data in a visually compelling manner so people understand your insights.  Finance professionals for a long time have utilized VBA in scripting, but now are branching out into other languages such as Google Script, R, and Python. No longer is all analysis done in excel as now business intelligence tools like Tableau and Qlik are being used for dashboarding and visualization. If you are familiar with some of these items, you are off to a good start and the goal of this website is to help you progress further. If not you are an expert, do not be concerned as this website is setup to help people of all skill levels to learn.

Why should you care? More and more companies are looking for individuals with these skill sets. No longer is being an accountant that understands how to do account reconciliations or manual journal entries enough. Companies are moving towards shared service roles and finance centers of excellence. To be competitive in your career, you will need to know some if not all these tools to stand out and differentiate yourself.

That’s where we come in at Digital Finance Learning – we are here to help you become a Digital Finance expert.

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