Top Digital Finance Tools

Ever wondered what the most useful tools in an accounting/finance professional were for automation and visualization? As an accountant, I can attest that these will increase productivity and lessen workload by providing analytics and automation. Both are key for success in a digital finance environment.


Sikuli is the first step to automating your processes in the workplace. Ever heard of python? Well, Sikuli is python on steroids. It integrates the best python modules into one simple IDE that is user friendly. You can automate anything on your screen with a step by step approach.


If you have never heard of Tableau, it is a dashboard based visualization tool that allows you to create all sorts of graphs and charts based on key metrics that financial analysts look for when wanting to know the story of a company. Personally, I have used it to find underlying issues in transnational data. One of the greatest advantages of Tableau is its built in alert system that emails you when a criteria or threshold has been met.


Knime is highhandedly the best free tool on the market for data manipulation. It can handle data across different files, databases, and websites. One great thing about this tool is its user friendly GUI that allows users to build processes without knowing how to code. When talking about digital finance, we mention the use of big data. Large companies have millions of records that need to be analyzed. This tool is perfect for that sort of data driven analysis.

Just to summarize, these are just three out of many softwares that Digital Finance Learning offers trainings on. We have used these three mentioned tools for projects that have saved an S&P 500 company thousands of hours.

I’m going to leave you with this quote as I think it is pertinent when improving processes:

“To succeed in innovation, you must try, try, try again.”

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