Sikuli v2.0.4 Released

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A newer version of Sikuli has been released with exciting updates. Most of these updates are bug fixes and also a smoother run experience.

Here are the incoming updates and fixes:

FIXED: Do/SX::popAsk() should return None/null in case of closed or timed out
FIXED: IDE: run selection did not include image names, when working in thumbnail view issue #288
FIXED: issue #314: RobotDesktop: checkMousePosition possible rounding problems
FIXED: temporary - issue #326: IDE: startup: window should not be too small
CHANGE: issue #325: IDE: the startup process now waits for the IDE to terminate
FIXED: IDE: abort key did not work while waiting for images to appear (commit)
FIXED: when Settings.setImageCache(0) (caching switched off) no history of images should be stored at all
FIXED: highlight(0) should do nothing
ADDED: Finder.findChanges(): PIXEL-DIFF and IMAG_DIFF can be set
FIXED: Extensions folder content and extensions.txt should work as intended
FIXED: Java classpath from outside should be used internally by sikulix/sikulixapi, when used from commandline
FIXED: Sikulix.popup(): displayed empty box
FIXED: OCR: status did not show configs
REVISED: WinUtil: app name comparisons should be done in lowercase
FIXED: Docs: Code example for Settings.getOS() contains error
FIXED: Python: select() did not work anymore

You can download Sikuli version 2.0.4 here:

Sikuli version 2.0.4-Download

Just to summarize the updates, these will impact the popAsk() command as now it will return with a message when the pop up is ignored or closed. In some cases, Sikuli would not stop the process when it was waiting for images to appear on the screen. This is now fixed in this version of Sikuli. The select() python command is now working in the Sikuli GUI. Lots of progress has been made with this latest patch and we can thank RaiMan for that!

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