Sikuli Alternatives

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Sikuli is a free open source automation tool that revolves around the python language. Since it is updated regularly and maintained, it does not have much competition if the price is the main factor.

Top Sikuli Alternatives:

  1. Automation Anywhere
  2. AutoHotkey
  3. AutoIt
  4. Automator
  5. IMacros
  6. TinyTask
  7. SeeShell
  8. Actiona

There are pros and cons to each automation software listed above, but each one can be an alternative to using Sikuli software. Automation Anywhere can be GUI friendly, but does have a high cost involved. Most of the other ones listed are open source and free to use. AutoHotKey is one of the best scripting software tools to use on Windows. iMacros is friendly for IE, Chrome, and Firefox, but is limited to web browser automation. Automator is a great tool to use for automation if you are using a Mac OS. The best method of knowing the tool that best fits your needs is to try all of them and pick the one that focuses on speed and accuracy. These two traits are of most importance when allowing automation tools to handle your work for you.

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