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*Now Includes Access to ERP (General Ledger) System to train on. –With purchase of any plan.¬†

Digital Finance Certificate

The Five Pillars of Digital Finance


Learn how to use the different automation tools to automate your daily tasks


Learn how to build visualization dashboard to build better insight into your numbers


Learn how to manipulate your data using different Extract, Transform, and Load tools while also pulling that data using SQL

cloud & BlockChain

Learn about moving to the cloud for greater collab and efficiency and how to utilize the blockchain

Machine Learning & AI

Learn how to apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict data outputs

What is Digital Finance?

  • Digital Finance is the revolutionary way of bringing process improvements into the accounting and finance fields. Technology is now feeding into our work whether we are doing journal entries, account reconciliations, or budgeting. These tools are not just used for financial services, but used widely in other industries as well. Why not use accounting/finance automation and analytical tools to help save time? 

What Digital Finance Learning Offers?

  • Digital Finance Learning offers a multitude of courses that target the five pillars – Automation, Visualization, ETL/SQL, Cloud & Blockchain, Machine Learning & AI to facilitate the necessary skills needed today and in the future for professionals in Accounting & Finance. These disruptive technologies build on your current skillset and brings opportunities to the workplace. Courses that teach the basics of accounting and finance are also offered in the case of being new to the industry or needing a quick refresher!
  • Get a Digital Finance certification for each course completed to show to your employers that you have completed the necessary training to understand a digital finance tool. This will help build your credibility while also opening you up to unlimited career opportunities.

Just some of the digital finance software trainings offered:

  • Tableau Training
  • Alteryx Training
  • Knime Training
  • Automation Anywhere Training
  • UIPath Training
  • Pega Robotics Training
  • Sikuli Training
  • Qlik Training
  • VBA Training
  • Python Training
  • Google Script Training
  • R Training
  • SQL Training
  • Accounting ERP Training¬†

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