How to Use Google Script?

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What is Google Script?

Google script is a javascript based language interpreter for Google associated products. Gscript can interact with Google Sheets, Powerpoint, Drive, Word, and other products. It is very powerful in manipulating data in the format that you want. Google script is a great way to automate formatting data and reports without having to repeat the steps manually.

How to Use Google Script?

  1. Open Google Sheets or any Google product that you want to use Google Script on.
  2. In the menu, there should be a dropdown called “Tools”.
  3. Click on “Script Editor”
  4. That’s it! Script Editor should be open with a new project that will let you interact with the sheet.

Google script editor

what is google script


There are many functions that are available with Google Script that allows users to interact with Google Sheets in a way that is impossible manually. The power of the cloud is in your hands.

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