How to Install Sikuli?

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Sikuli offers multiple methods of installation and supports Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

For Windows/Mac OS:

Download the latest Sikuli GUI version here. (RECOMMENDED)

Download the latest Sikuli API here. Use this if your a pro coder and can implement API’s into python. The API works great with most python interpreters.

The newer versions of Sikuli require no setup and can be run as soon as its downloaded. Before running Sikuli for the first time make sure you download the Jython interpreter and have it saved in the same folder as the Sikuli.jar.

Download Jython Interpreter here. (REQUIRED)

Java 8 is also required for Sikuli to run. The application can be downloaded from the official Java website here.

For Linux:

Download JDK 12 (REQUIRED)

Download the Sikuli GUI (REQUIRED)

After both are downloaded, open the terminal window where the Sikuli Gui is saved and run this command:

<home file path>/jdk11/bin/java -jar sikulix.jar -v

The Sikuli download is also available on Github from the official source here:

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