How to Enable VBA on Excel Workbook?

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All of us that have used excel understand that there are many repetitive tasks we tend to complete every time we open a workbook. This is where macros can come in handy. Excel allows users to either record a macro or code the process using VBA. No programs or software has to be installed to do this. Excel has this ability but hides it from the general tabs that are available. To enable the Developer’s Tab, navigate to Options->Customize Ribbon->and check the Developer’s tab if it is unchecked.

excel developer tab

Once the Developer tab is enabled, you can either Record Macros, which will record your process step by step or if you click on the Visual Basic button, you will be able to write out code to automate parts of your process. This is handy when your process is not the same every time and has some dynamic attributes to it, such as a different number of rows each time.




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