Five Pillars of Digital Finance

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What are the 5 pillars of Digital Finance?

  • Automation
  • Visualization
  • Cloud and Blockchain
  • Machine Learning and AI

Each one has its own technological aspect to it that can be focused on as an area of expertise. Not only can someone make money utilizing one or more pillars, these skillsets are going to be at the forefront of every industry that exists today.

Digital Finance encompasses all these factors. Not many individuals specialize in every single pillar. When a Business Intelligence team is formed, you might have one focused entirely on Automation, and another focused on Machine Learning. It is entirely dependent on the team structure and the processes that are dependent on these pillars.

How does Digital Transformation Work?

Digital Transformation is transforming your entire business infrastructure from a manual and paper approach to the cloud. Many small companies see this as an expensive project, but with the right employees, it can be done fairly fast and with ease. For example, the cloud is getting less expensive with each passing day and currently competes with physical servers in pricing.

The shift to the cloud does not have to be done right away. There are four other pillars that can be focused on. Automation and Visualization are two pillars that can save business cost and time while also providing key metrics to act upon. Whether its building out the sales reports automatically or presenting key metrics on a dashboard that automatically updates, these pillars are outright the easiest to get into and what most employers want as skillsets.

How do I learn about Digital Finance?

While there are many technical courses that exist all around the internet, Digital Finance Learning specializes on the trainings for the finance industry. Whether you work in payroll, billing, fp&a, or accounting, these skillsets can absolutely be learned to optimize your workplace and create efficiency for your team. The best part about it is that you will look like a magician doing it. Create a robot that pulls data from a database and have it output the results on a dashboard and BAM, you are a wizard Harry!

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