Excel is a crutch, bankers learning programming, and emotional intelligence

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How many people can relate to the comment about excel and repackaging data? Or having so many different versions of a report you do not know which version is the truth? There is nothing wrong with Microsoft Excel, but when all your work requires you to use it, it is time to evaluate your options like Dick’s Sporting Goods.


Goldman Sachs and Citi requiring analysts to learn programming such as Python eventually these skill sets will be required for all finance and accounting roles. What are you doing to prepare for the future?


Good article on what will be important in the future. Problem solving and empathy (emotional intelligence) are valuable now and will be in the future. Also fear of being replaced by Robotic Process Automation is real. It makes change hard and can slow down an organization’s Digital Finance transformation. The real goal though is as stated to take the non-value add work and automate it, and allow time for the finance organization to be a valuable business partner.






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